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Movies I Love: Gattaca

Gattaca is just cool and hits all my buttons in what I want to see in a movie.   The styling is both retro and futuristic, the story is sad and uplifting. 

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Impala at Night

My 2011 Goals.

My List.
  • Get up at 6 am.       This is going to be hard I hate waking up in the mornings
  • Spend a hour a day drawing.   Also tough I hate my own drawing, I'm not a bad artist but I only see the flaws in my work.
  • Open up a small online store to sell a bunch of the jewelry I've been making.   This is really my main goal for the year, I love metalworking and the only way I can kee[ doing it is to sell my stuff.
  • Keep my house clean.   My husband will be alot less stressed. 
  • Lose 25 pounds    This is easier than it sounds I've lost 25 pound last year and the year before that so I need to just keep doing what I have been doing and I should be good.

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My Tiny Thoughts on Exile

Ash Carpenter sums up my feeling about Sam right now.

That said, I did like Sam more than I have in almost two seasons because he does seems to show some affection for Dean. Sam had talked positively about Dean to the Campbell’s and he told Dean that things are better when he is a around. That was more than he has done in the last two seasons.

Hmm... Fresh Fruit

This is a good article on my opinion of the local food movement. When fruits and veggies are in season I try to get them locally. I don’t have a problem with buying imported food when the local stuff isn’t available.

No Free Locavore Lunch

What did you expect at post about Supernatural?
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Ode to a Strawman.

... they restate my argument in maximalist form, and then proceed to really kick the hell out of the strawman they've created. I mean, there's hay and shreds of fabric on the ceiling of offices three floors above them. Button eyes flying off so fast that several have achieved escape velocity. Crows shrieking in terror as far away as Fresno and Marseilles. It's a stunning display of . . . something. - Megan McArdle.

This struck my funny bone. I might have to steal it next time someone does this to one of my arguments
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Demon Sheep

Demon Sheep

A few people on THaB have been asking about my new Icon. It from a political ad. When I heard about a "Demon Sheep" ad I knew there was going to be a new icon in my future.

I don't give one fig about either of the candidates but the commercial is your standard political ad on acid and funny because of it. SNL could not write a parody as good as this ad.

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